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Überblick über Frauenhüte auf dem Markt

Caps – we mainly focus on the choice of cut and color, which is obvious, because the cap must decorate our head, fit our taste, as well as the shape of our face. Often, however, before buying, we forget to check whether the cap will lie well on our head, that is, whether its size is appropriate for us. Regardless of whether it is a winter hat or a baseball cap, a beret or a gown, if the size is incorrect, it will be a poor use of the given headgear.
A cap that is too loose will slip off your head or fall on your eyes. On the other hand, if the cap is too tight, it will clench your head and cause discomfort when you wear it. In the worst case, the cap may not fit on your head at all.
Choosing the right cap size is particularly important for distance shopping as you simply cannot fit the cap. Choosing the wrong size will expose you to unnecessary costs of replacing the cap with another size. In the case of winter hats, baseball caps or patrol hats, most of them are in the universal size. Winter hats usually have an elastic band to fit your head. Baseball caps, on the other hand, usually have a strap that allows the cap’s circumference to be adjusted.
Women’s winter hats for winter styling
Winter is the time of year, which requires us to be properly prepared. Buying boots, boots and a warm jacket is a necessity. In the case of children, winter clothing and accessories are replaced practically every year. Adults, on the other hand, can invest in more universal and durable things, which will serve them for a much longer time. Among the winter accessories, one of the most important is of course the women’s or men’s cap. It is not only a practical headgear, but also an integral part of everyday winter styling. Especially women pay close attention to its appearance, cut, colors, design etc. How to choose an elegant, yet useful women’s cap?
Universal beanie – which one?
Women in winter wear jackets, sheepskins, coats or furs. There are many winter coats, which can be used in women’s closet. That is why it is sometimes even harder to decide what kind of women’s hat to buy to fit most styles. Of course, it is not worth limiting yourself to having only one. It is best to have at least two, maybe even three for autumn and change. However, they still have to be color-matched enough to fit the garment so that you can mix them freely.
Currently, very popular models of women’s hats are pompon hats. For some people they may seem a little too youthful. But isn’t wearing this type of cap suitable for an adult woman, or maybe even a grandmother? Definitely not. This is one of the most universal models. The women’s cap with a pompom creates a typical winter styling, rejuvenates the face due to its cut and is also warm. Pumpkin caps come in very rich colors, some of them also have patterns. Pompon can be made of the same material as the cap, but most often it is much more decorative and differs in colors, although in a small range. A good solution to complement such a cap is a chimney. Currently we sell sets that match each other in terms of color. You can buy such a set in a lively and typical autumn maroon color, emphasizing the beauty:.
Such a universal women’s cap is also the so-called smurfet. Usually made of very warm yarn, it works great during really very cold days. It can be worn by women of all ages, including teenagers and little girls, look great in smaller counterparts of these models. Also in this case, you can fit the chimney to the hat or buy it in a set with a scarf.
What material should the cap be made of?
Sometimes we wonder what material should a typical winter cap be made of. If we want to get the highest possible level of heat, it should of course have wool in its composition. It does not have to be a headgear made only of wool, but it is worth to have at least an admixture of it. This will make the cap nice to the touch, warm and decent.

The casket – what to wear it for?
For autumnal weather, but also for a warm winter, a jacket may be suitable. Once very popular headgear, now a bit forgotten, is back in favor, however. They usually have an elegant leather finish when it comes to the canopy itself. The upper part of the jacket, on the other hand, is made of a nice to the touch material, in various colors. The helmets look great in combination with coats, they are also quite universal.

Women’s berets are currently very fashionable and are worn by people of all ages, regardless of their preferred style. It is a headgear that cannot be passed indifferently. It will perfectly match both casual and more elegant styles, giving them a unique character and chic. If you are also looking for the highest quality berets, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.
Do you know where the beret actually comes from? Few people know that at the beginning of its glory, it was the headgear that served not only women but also men. It was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that the representatives of the fair sex started to wear them, mainly due to the sign of emancipation prevailing at that time. Beret quickly became a permanent guest in women’s closet and it is no different today. However, despite constantly changing trends in the fashion industry, the way of wearing it has also changed.
What else is worth knowing about women’s berets?
Nowadays, in many stores you can find many models and materials from which women’s berets were made. This means that you can choose from traditional styles with an antenna or models decorated with bows, flowers and more. Such a wide choice makes it easy to find the right model for you. It is also worth taking into account the materials used to produce this type of headgear. Many manufacturers offer more and more interesting solutions, which means that we can choose berets made of wool, felt, angora, knitwear and more.